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Feeling inspired by Sophie Lécuyer today 


Sylvain Chomet (director of ‘Triplets of Belleville’) is the latest to animate a Simpson’s couch gag. 

If you need me I’ll be watching this in my room for the next month.


pretending to focus but daydreaming of ramen

*shameless self-promotion* but I’ve started a tumblr for my work.

So happy for my friend Bernardo Britto, who was awarded this year’s Sundance Jury Award for Animation. An amazing film, and a very deserving filmmaker! Be sure to check out the trailer!

This week’s New Yorker cover by Peter de Seve. Might have to brave this swirling snowstorm just to find a copy. 

James Bodrero - character design sketch for Fantasia

{via Deja View}


Ammonite Canyon, my piece for Light Grey Art Lab’s Macro & Micro show, opening tomorrow and featuring artwork from 90+ artists! The theme was the natural world and I was in the mineral category. You can see all of the fantastic other pieces (and purchase prints if you’re so inclined) at LGAL’s website:


Louie Schmitt - Field mouse model sheet for Bambi

{via Deja View}

Help support Ralph Bakshi’s latest cartoon! If you need some incentives, everyone who donates just $35 will get an original Bakshi doodle. Plus loads of great cels and artwork for the larger donors.

And even without the prizes, the world needs a new Ralph Bakshi cartoon. (you know it’s true!)



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